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Contenders honors City Boxing Club/City Athletic Boxing (CBC). CBC uses boxing to strengthen the community always striving to help both adults and kids who are in need. For example, CBC provides funding and support for the Spring Mountain Youth Camp (excerpt from Vegas Seven magazine article Nov 2016).


Jessie Vargas Is the Hero Las Vegas Deserves The championship boxer fights for his hometown.


More than a mile above Las Vegas, Vargas represents hope to people who need it. The Spring Mountain Youth Camp is a juvenile detention facility located at the top of Mount Charleston, designed to help troubled kids assimilate after their sentences come to an end. The camp offers social counseling, vocational training and academic programs for about 240 youths per year, ranging in age from 12 to 18. “It’s probably the first placement where the judge sends kids to help them get back on track,” says Sean Doak, a probation officer at Spring Mountain. “A lot of times when juveniles go home, the family hasn’t changed, the community hasn’t changed, their old friends haven’t changed. With the Spring Mountain program, we try to prepare them for that.” Out of the 100 boys populating Spring Mountain at any given time, Doak says only about 20 or so are selected to participate in the boxing program. Kids who make real progress in getting their lives back on track are allowed to go on “outings,” as Spring Mountain buses its young boxers into the city to work out at local gyms. Sparring is not allowed at Spring Mountain, so outings are the only times when the boys are able to step in the ring and throw live punches. It’s a privilege they work hard to earn. “It’s very important to me to be looked at as the guy to be representing Las Vegas,” Vargas says. “To be honest, I’m just another friend here in the city who’s doing something positive with the youth and doing anything he can to help anyone in the city. I want everyone to be proud of me.”


City Boxing Club/City Athletic Boxing is the official training camp of Jessie Vargas and has two locations in Las Vegas. The concept was founded when a father was trying to find a good boxing gym for his son, after visiting almost every gym in Las Vegas they could not find one where they train everything from footwork to movement and the correct way to throw a punch so they opened their own gym. CBC trains athletes and boxers at all levels. 3401 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr., 7980 W. Sahara Ave.; CityBoxing.Club

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