COVID-19 Response. Be Safe Contenders.



To Our Contenders Family,


We didn’t want to send you yet another “what we’re doing in response to COVID-19” email as you are probably overwhelmed with these by now.

Please do know we are following all recommended action as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and taking all steps to ensure the health and well-being of our team and customers. Contenders will continue to service our online business at and handle customer service while closely monitoring recommendations of the public health authorities.

More than anything, though, our team wanted to let you know that we are thinking about all of you during these unprecedented, scary and shocking times. You have helped us build Contenders to where it is today by being loyal customers and friends.

And, now, we are all facing a tough opponent together. Remember, it’s all of us, together. It’s an enemy we’ve never seen before, so we didn’t know how to prepare for it.  All of it feels like one bad virus or zombie movie.

Contenders started with a name. The dictionary defines Contender as “: a person who tries to win something in a contest; especially: a person who has a good chance of winning.

Our inspiration for Contenders is the idea that someone won’t quit until they vanquish their opponent.  In sports, that usually means you defeat your adversary whether a team, a foe or a score. But, in life, as we are all facing, it’s not that easy. We are now all fighting against this f*cking disease on a global basis. 

But, as contenders, we will find a way. We are going to grind, claw, fight and do whatever it takes to help stem the growth of the virus and take back the life we knew. It’s critical that we all have this “Contenders mindset” as we go through this disruptive and unsettling period for us and our families.

We must all dig deep and continue fighting, no matter what. Contenders #dontquit.  We are with you guys. Please reach out if we can help in anyway.  You are our family.  We are all Contenders.



Jonathan Snyder
CEO, Contenders Clothing