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About Us

noun  con·tend·er \-ˈten-dər\

: a person who tries to win something in a contest; especially : a person who has a good chance of winning

Contenders Clothing

Contenders Clothing is a lifestyle brand for real guys. We designed our clothing so that no matter what life brings you're ready to compete and overcome the day's challenges in style and comfort.

For the contender in all of us.

Are you the type of competitor who will do whatever it takes to win? Welcome to your clothing line.

We call it “Contenders” because that’s what we all are – people driven by our goals and desires to achieve greatness in everything we do.

Whether that’s in sports, the business world or personally, Contenders is your go-to gear, designed for how you live today. Inspired by heroes, Contenders delivers every single day, just like you. We use only the finest fabrics combined with expert tailoring and artful design to create the most comfortable clothing anywhere. Before they were champions, they were Contenders.


We’ve combined Contenders’ superior style and comfort with innovative licensing deals, including Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) for Rocky and Creed and, most recently, WWE (including People’s 2016 “Sexiest Man,” The Rock).


These are the most comfortable boxers I’ve ever worn. Others you have to make adjustments – not these.
– Max Kellerman, ESPN Radio – The Max & Marcellus Show

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