Tyson Fury Conquers Wearing Contenders

December 12, 2018 3 min read

Tyson Fury Conquers Wearing Contenders

Tempers flared during the last pre-fight press conference leading into the WBC heavyweight championship fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, setting the stage for the biggest heavyweight bout of the year. The trash talking and aggression displayed in that conference had the world tuned in, making it one of the most historically covered heavyweight fights. What was even more intriguing was Fury’s story and his Rocky Balboa inspired comeback.

Three years ago, ‘The Gypsy King’ himself shocked the world when he beatWladimir Klitschko becoming the world’s heavyweight champion. It was the pinnacle of his career, but his life outside the ring was not so bright. Shortly after his win, he suffered from depression, gained weight up to 400 pounds, and turned to drugs and alcohol. Contemplating suicide, he had two choices: die or comeback strong. Fury’s remarkable comeback is not unlike a Rocky film. Rocky too was a Champion who refused to give up, and fought to be a Contender once more.

The Contender’s fight team attended the last pre-fight press conference, and everything just fell into place. We were able to snag a member of Fury’s team by sheer luck and persistence, and requested that our briefs make it to Fury. He knew we were big fight fans and of cours fans on his, and that Contenders Clothing was rooting for him as the “contender” in the fight. We included some of our classics, and some Rocky edition briefs.

The very next day we get a call from Fury’s team. Fury LOVED them. His teammate let us know that Fury was going to wear our officially licensed Apollo Creed boxer briefs at weigh-in. And, at the weigh-in - there he was, rocking Contenders Clothing boxer briefs before what could be the biggest fight of Tyson Fury’s life. It was a surreal moment, because we realized, Fury was set for success. Fighters who rock Contenders Clothing boxer briefs are dressed in good juju. The track record for fighters who rock our briefs at weigh in and during the fight is 13-1-1, and the fighting community is starting to notice.

The following day, one of the most gripping fights in history went down. Fury and Wilder fought valiantly for twelve rounds. But, Fury was ahead on the scorecards until his first knockdown in the 9th round. It wasn’t surprising since Deontay Wilder packs a mean punch and usually knocks out his opponents. Against, the odds, Fury rose to fight again. In the 12th round, Fury was hit, and hit hard by a typical Bronze Bomber power punch. Fury’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he hit the canvas HARD. Fury was still up on most cards but it was over. With only a few seconds remaining in the 10 count, and as Wilder bagan to celebrate his anticipated KO, fury defied all expectations, and rose like a man possessed. He stood to his feet as though something pulled him up. He then fought the remainder of the round (about 2 minutes) and landed a few more hits before the fight came to an end.

Both fighters displayed amazing sportsmanship, congratulating each other on a draw many feel Fury deserved. They both spoke of a rematch on their way to the locker rooms for post-fight coverage. Then we saw it -


As he is taking off his shorts, you see him wearing the Apollo Creed briefs as he embraces his family and friends. We were beside ourselves. Fury, the man with a total Rocky comeback, a man who refused to give up, who refused to get knocked down, who was practically knocked unconscious, rose up and conquered.


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