Cobrai Kai is making a comeback! What team are you on?

October 01, 2018 2 min read

Cobrai Kai is making a comeback! What team are you on?

Contenders Clothing is all about embracing the classics - classic movies and iconic athletes, then translating them into our designs made with premium fabrication and fit. These aren't just screen printed on scratchy tees - these are the REAL DEAL. 

Our clothing started off with boxer briefs, made with a no ride technology and premium fabrication. Prior to licensing, we created the most comfortable boxer brief on the market. Our next step - official licensing.

Acquiring the Rocky license through MGM was our first big hit, creating briefs designed with the iconic shorts worn in the Rocky series in mind. We currently carry Rocky II. Rocky III, Apollo Creed, Drago, and Clubber. These are on FIRE! With Creed II hitting theaters mid November 2018 and two more style dropping in our line, it's safe to say this line was a success. What was next? Karate Kid!

The Karate Kid series premiered on May 2, 2018, making a classic movie relevant and majorly trending. With Cobra Kai on the rise, and fandom building, our release of our licensed Karate Kid briefs have been much anticipated. While finalizing the designs, we came out with some amazing ready to wear.

Are you #teamdaniel or #teamjohnny?


Contenders Karate Kid designs are made with quality and passion, seeing as our Bonsai Tree Tee was hand painted then digitally copied. With all of this buzz around the second premier airing next year in May, we want to keep the momentum going, bring in an AMAZING new style that is perfect for Halloween. 

Get in full gear when you pre-order this iconic style with some Contenders Clothing touches. See the "Contenders" logo on the right arm as well as the Cobra Kai stamp on the rib cage and the officially licensed "Karate Kid" on the left arm. This pre-ordered style is limited edition, and we can promise you that you'll regret you didn't order it when the officially licensed Karate Kid briefs by Contenders drop.

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